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Zebra rfd8500 manual

By | 07.10.2020

Just pair this Bluetooth-enabled sled with your mobile device and attach the mobile device to the RFD for a single-handed RFID reader solution — or put the mobile device in a pocket or holster and use the RFD in standalone mode. With support for Android, iOS, and in the future, Windows, you get real investment protection — the RFD sleds you buy today will work with the devices you use now, and in the future.

When it comes to performance, whether your workers are capturing RFID tags or bar codes, the RFD is unparalleled — workers can capture tags and bar codes faster and with ease, improving productivity, operational efficiency and customer service. The RFD — Style you can admire. Comfort you can feel.

Flexibility your enterprise needs.

zebra rfd8500 manual

Performance you can rely on. Battery life you can take for granted. And value you can appreciate. Just sync to upload the data from the RFD to the host device at any time. Flexible deployment options Multi-OS and multi-platform Leverage your mobile computing strategy and add world-class data collection capability in an economical way.

Provides the peace of mind that the investment you make today will serve your business needs tomorrow. High performance battery for full shift operation Our unique power-optimizing algorithm delivers the superior battery cycle times that ensure full-shift power, even with intensive usage.

Permanently attach to a compatible mobile device to create a dedicated inventory management device; temporarily attach to enable RFID when and where you need it on the mobile device of your choice, bringing comfort to inventory management tasks; deploy as separate devices — workers can put the host mobile computer in a pocket or on a desk to protect the device and create a lighter RFID solution.

Cryptographic tag authentication provides extensive protection against tag cloning, allowing you to deploy nonclonable tags to prevent counterfeit product from entering your supply chain. Easily toggle between RFID and bar code scanning Users can simply tap on a button to switch between RFID and bar code scanning modes on the fly, maximizing ease of use and productivity.

This human readable ASCII protocol makes it fast and easy for the host to communicate with RFD without the need to create an actual application, reducing application development time and cost. The RFD — the right device makes all the difference. For more information, visit www. Deploy all around the world The RFD offers the style you need for customer facing areas as well as the durability for all-day everyday business use, making it ideal in just about every industry.

All rights reserved. Zebra and the stylized Zebra head are trademarks of ZIH Corp registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. RFD - Zebra Technologies. Download PDF advertisement. Its a community-based project which helps to repair anything.Bluetooth — Solid blue when paired, slow blinking blue when ready to be paired, fast blinking blue when waiting for Bluetooth confirmation and not illuminated when Bluetooth off.

Micro USB charging port — first charging option. Trigger — used for both barcode and RFID. Mode button — green when on barcode mode, not illuminated when on RFID mode.

zebra rfd8500 manual

Look for "Bluetooth" or the Bluetooth symbol in your settings and tap it. There should be an option to enable or disable it. Please tap or swipe on it so that is in the "ON" position. Touch the Settings icon on the mobile device. Turn Bluetooth on. Touch Search for Devices to display the available discoverable devices. If not, press the Bluetooth button on the RFD for one second to make it discoverable.

When discoverable, the Bluetooth LED flashes blue. A beep sounds when pairing completes successfully. Exit the Device Settings screen and run the application. Select it in the list of Available Readers. Touch the Settings icon on the device. Touch Bluetooth to display the Bluetooth Settings screen and ensure it is on.

Turn the RFD on and ensure Bluetooth is enabled. After that time Bluetooth suspends and is no longer discoverable. To restart discovery, press the Bluetooth button for one second. Ensure you choose the correct RFD serial number from the list of discoverable devices. This connects the RFD to the mobile device. If the device is paired, but device not able to connect to mobile device - Device connection may be established in other devices.Flex works with most barcode scanners. We do, however, recommend certain models see Scanner and Printer Recommendations.

Not doing so will require you to manually click the barcode field and press enter for every scan. Otherwise, you will need to create your own scan rule. Click the link below that corresponds to your scanner.

Zebra RFD8500 Manuals

A document will open- either scan the barcode s from top-to-bottom on your computer screen or printed out if you are unable to scan your screen. If you encounter any issues feel free to reach out to Flex Support. Scan each barcode in the order printed on the configuration sheet. After configuring the barcode scanner, you might have to re-pair the scanner to the base station per manufacturer instructions.

If you can't find a configuration sheet for your barcode scanner, you can email the barcode scanner manufacturer and inform them that you need programming rules for the scanner that do the following:. If you are otherwise using a scanner which is not on our list of preferred scanners, then you will have to configure a scan rule yourself. First- you need to set a value for information placed before the barcode that is scanned. In most cases, this is referred to as a prefix.

Next, depending on how your scanner must be configured, you may need to define that next is where you will insert the information the scanner has received from the scan, between the prefix and suffix.

Next you will define the suffix. This is entirely dependent on the scanner you are configuring. For some scanners, defining the suffix is the last step in configuration, while for others, you must enter or scan additional values to instruct the scanner that the rule has been entered.Quick Links Download this manual.

Table of Contents. Page 4: Warranty Zebra reserves the right to make changes to any software or product to improve reliability, function, or design.

Zebra does not assume any product liability arising out of, or in connection with, the application or use of any product, circuit, or application described herein. Page 9 Configuration Not Supported Refer to the corresponding feature in the partner application you are using. Page Service Information Zebra responds to calls by e-mail, telephone or fax within the time limits set forth in support agreements.

If your problem cannot be solved by Zebra support, you may need to return your equipment for servicing and will be given specific directions. Zebra is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipment if the approved shipping container is not used. Unpacking Carefully remove all protective material from the RFD and save the shipping container for later storage and shipping. Page 17 USB port. Battery Cover Release Buttons Depress buttons to remove the battery cover.

Installing the Battery To install the battery: Depress both battery cover release buttons. Inserting the Battery Figure Press the battery down and rotate until it locks into place. Inserting the Battery Figure Page 20 1 - 6 RFD User Guide Replace the battery cover by placing the cover over the battery and sliding it forward until it clicks in place.

Motorola RFD8500 Quick Start Manual

Remove the battery cover as shown in Figure on page With two fingers, press the battery down. Remove the plastic tip from the RFD battery cover. Thread the upper portion of the lanyard into the loop. Pull the clip through the loop over the tether point and tighten into place. Charging Devices The procedure to install the software in an Android device depends on the Android version.

See RFD Features on page for the location of indicators. Status Indicators Table Page Security Bluetooth v2.

zebra rfd8500 manual

Thus, no personal identification number PIN is required to pair. Page Pairing Exit the Device Settings screen and run the application. Select it in the list of Available Readers. This connects the RFD to the mobile device. It is recommended to stop scanning and reading functions before transferring the data via the Bluetooth interface. The Settings screens display the application defaults when there is no connection to the reader.

Touch STOP to stop. The reader must be in RFID mode. Press the trigger to start, and press again to stop. The button changes to STOP.

Zebra RFD8500 Quick Start Manual

Touch it to stop the read inventory operation. The RFD trigger can also be used to start and stop the operation. Application Displays reader connection, notification, and data export settings.In order to use the RFD with a mobile computer, software installation. Download the software file from the Zebra. Support Central web site: www.

Follow the instructions provided with the software and install the file onto the. For more information, refer to the appropriate mobile. Insert the battery, connector end first, into the battery compartment. Press down on the battery until the battery latch snaps into place. Remove the battery cover from the RFD Remove the plastic tip from the cover.

Attach the mobile computer case to the RFD Slide the battery cover onto the RFD until it locks in place. The battery. Press the trigger on the handle. For more information, refer to the User Guide at: www.

zebra rfd8500 manual

To remove the mobile computer, press the battery cover release latches, and pull. Charging and Communication. The RFD can be used to charge the battery of a mobile computer, and. The recommended form of communication. Charge LED Indicator. Table of Contents. The battery Set the RFD to bar code mode. Page 2 Symbol Technologies, Inc. G al aktar tag rif dwar kif g andek tirritorna l-prodott, jekk jog bok ur: www.

Print page 1 Print document 4 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.That's where the danger zone lies for a fighter who has never had a rock-solid chin and is seemingly more inclined to throw less punches as a form of survival than throw more as a means to rally.

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Kevingston con soluciones de RFID para gestión de suministros - Zebra

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